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A Smile Rehabilitation with
Aesthetic Enhancements

Christina - dental implants patient

Understanding What Reconstructive Dentistry Is

Welcome to the world of reconstructive dentistry, a specialized field within prosthodontics that focuses on restoring oral health, function, and aesthetics through the use of various dental prostheses. At Spectrum Dental and Prosthodontics in Worhtington, OH, our prosthodontists play a crucial role in helping our patients regain their smiles, confidence, and quality of life.

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The Benefits of Reconstructive Dentistry

Reconstructive dentistry encompasses a broad range of procedures aimed at restoring your oral structures that have been damaged, lost, or compromised due to various factors such as tooth decay, trauma, congenital defects, or age-related wear and tear. Our ultimate goal is to rebuild and rehabilitate the dentition, jawbone, and associated oral structures to achieve your optimal oral health, function, and aesthetics.

  • Restored Oral Function
  • Enhanced Aesthetics
  • Boosted Confidence and Self-esteem
  • Improved Oral Health
  • Long-term Durability
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Smile Design Preview

Upload a recent photo of yourself and we’ll show you how you can look after reconstructive dentistry. Be sure the photo shows your current smile!

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The Proof Is In Our Patients

dental implants before and after
dental implants before and after
dental implants before and after

What To Expect From
Reconstructive Dentistry

A Comprehensive Assessment
Treatment Planning
Preservation of Natural Teeth
Aesthetic Considerations