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Most dental offices send out restorations to an outside dental laboratory for fabrication, thereby giving up quality control in the manufacturing process. At Spectrum Dental and Prosthodontics, you’ll benefit from restorative solutions created right on-site at our dental lab in Worthington, OH. This provides superior quality control and oversight from start to finish that simply can’t be matched when restorations are sent to outside dental labs. Our skilled prosthodontists work closely with our talented in-house lab technician to deliver the best possible tooth replacement solutions. From crowns and bridges and dentures to full mouth dental implants, we use the best quality materials and evidence-based technologies to deliver superbly crafted smiles!

The Benefits of an On-Site Dental Lab

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Exceptional Quality Control

An on-site, full mouth dental implant lab provides our team with 100% quality control because we can oversee every step in your treatment, including the fabrication of your prosthesis. Digitally aided design and fabrication streamline the process of creating highly precise restorations without the need to make major adjustments.

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Personalized Treatment, From Start to Finish

Having one team under the same roof in charge of your entire treatment enables personalized collaboration. An in-house dental lab enhances our ability to create the highest quality, natural-looking dental implant restorations that complement your facial aesthetics and closely match your smile goals.


Convenient and Cost-Effective Tooth Replacement

When restorations are fabricated at our full mouth dental implant lab in Worthington, OH, this eliminates the need to visit another office and wait several weeks while your new teeth are created. It also enables the delivery of clinically superior and affordable dental implants.

Our Advanced Technology


Dr. Mizumoto Discusses Whether Your Dentist's Technology Is Stuck In The Past

We Use Top-Quality Restorative Materials

With ongoing advances in dental technology, our team has many choices when it comes to top-quality restorative materials that provide natural-looking color, appearance, and function. Some of these options restore cosmetic or appearance deficiencies, while others enable the repair of badly decayed or missing teeth without amalgam or metal. In select cases, we may even recommend a high noble metal restoration. Our team will discuss all options with you and help you make an informed decision about the best one to fit your clinical needs and budget.

Lava™ Zirconia
Procera® Zirconia
BruxZir® Zirconia
High Noble Metal Ceramics