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"Crowns Gave Me My Dream Smile!"

Tooth Crowns and Dental Bridges Restore Smile Function and Beauty

Damaged or decayed teeth can make it difficult to eat or speak comfortably and cause even the most confident people to feel self-conscious about their smile appearance. At Spectrum Dental and Prosthodontics, we recommend crowns after a root canal, when old fillings cover about two-thirds of the tooth surface or new decay or damage is too significant to repair with a filling or onlay. As long as the interior of the damaged tooth is intact, it can be saved and restored with a dental crown. If you have one or two missing teeth, the remaining gaps and spaces can negatively impact the health of your remaining teeth and soft tissue. A dental bridge enables proper chewing and prevents the drifting of adjacent teeth into the space left by the missing tooth. Whether you have chipped, cracked, broken, severely decayed or missing teeth, our skilled prosthodontists are experts in the art and science of tooth restoration. We can make your smile whole and fully functional again with dental bridges and crowns in Worthington, OH. We use the latest dental ceramics and technology to fabricate crowns and bridges at our on-site dental lab, which provides exceptional oversight of the entire process, from start to finish.

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Dental Crowns Protect Weakened Teeth

A dental crown is a tooth cap that surrounds the visible portion of a tooth to strengthen it and reduce the risk of further complications. To prepare your tooth for the crown, it needs to be filed down and reshaped into a smaller size. Any decay needs to be removed because the tooth structure under the crown must be decay-free. Impressions are taken of your tooth that we use to create your new crown. We combine fine craftsmanship with superb materials, including E-max®, several different zirconia options, and high noble metal ceramics to fabricate crowns in Worthington, OH that blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth in color and shape. A zirconia crown offers 10 times the strength of natural tooth enamel and a minimum of three times that of porcelain. E-max, made from lithium disilicate ceramic, provides excellent translucency, durability, and natural-looking aesthetics. During your second appointment, we check to make sure the crown fits securely and your bite is properly restored. A quick occlusal adjustment may be necessary if the crown is too high. In some cases, temporary cement is used so you can test out the crown before it’s permanently cemented during a third visit.

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The Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Restores strength to damaged teeth
  • Improves tooth size, shape, and color
  • Repairs severely decayed teeth
  • Preserves tooth after a root canal
  • Restores dental implants
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Dental Bridges Fill Unsightly Gaps
Left by Tooth Loss

Even a single missing tooth can cause loss of bone and a shift of surrounding teeth. A dental bridge in Worthington, OH is an alternative option to a partial denture for two missing teeth in a row. The adjacent teeth need to be crowned to provide adequate support for the bridge. As with a single crown, the teeth on each side of the empty socket are modified, then impressions are taken. A dental bridge eliminates unsightly gaps in your smile while improving your ability to eat and speak. Although a bridge prevents remaining teeth from shifting and altering your bite, bone loss continues in the space under the false tooth because the missing root isn’t replaced. Your bridge is fabricated on-site from the highest quality materials and color-matched to look natural alongside your existing teeth. A zirconia fixed bridge provides a more stable and longer-lasting option. The crowns are attached to dental implants, which keep the underlying bone healthy and stimulate new bone growth.c

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

  • Restores function and aesthetics
  • Improves chewing, speech, and overall oral health
  • Eliminates unsightly gaps in your smile
  • Prevents remaining teeth from shifting
  • Offers long-term strength and stability
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The Varied Cost of Crowns and Bridges

The cost of dental crowns and bridges varies greatly by practice and geographic region, as well as materials and the number of teeth being treated. Before starting treatment, our financial coordinator can provide an estimate of out-of-pocket costs to ensure you make an informed decision based on your budget. In many cases, insurance pays for 50% of the cost of a crown or bridge, although this is subject to your specific policy. In addition to decades of expertise creating beautiful crowns and bridges at our on-site dental lab, we accept insurance from multiple carriers and partner with the leading third-party dental financing company CareCredit.

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