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If you’re missing teeth, perhaps you never considered dentures because you assumed they would be uncomfortable and it would be obvious you were wearing them. Rest assured, modern dentures are nothing like the false teeth your grandparents wore. A variety of options are available to replace missing teeth, including conventional full and partial dentures and fixed and removable implant-retained prostheses. With that said, the quality of dentures varies greatly and is largely dependent on a practitioner’s restorative dental skills and technology. General dentists may offer dentures, but they aren’t trained specifically in the craftsmanship of fabricating dentures and other dental prostheses. In contrast, prosthodontists have extensive training in restorative dentistry and the fabrication of a wide range of dental prostheses. When you choose Spectrum Dental and Prosthodontics for dentures, you’re in great hands. Our specialized training, years of experience, state-of-the-art denture lab, and proven results will provide peace of mind you made the right choice. When you get dentures in Worthington, OH from our team, you’ll experience renewed smile function and confidence and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

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Denture Types for Any Situation

At Spectrum Dental and Prosthodontics, we’ll determine the most optimal type of denture for you based on how many teeth you’re missing, your personal preference, and your budget. During your comprehensive consultation with one of our prosthodontists, we’ll discuss potential choices and recommend a cost-effective solution that offers the greatest functional and cosmetic improvements. We’re in network with several insurance carriers and offer third-party financing to make getting top-quality dentures in Worthington, OH an attainable dream.

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Complete Dentures

If you’ve lost many or most of your teeth, complete dentures in Worthington, OH are a great option for transforming your smile beauty and restoring your oral function and confidence. Complete dentures consist of color-matched prosthetic false teeth placed into a gum-colored acrylic base. We recommend waiting eight to 12 weeks after teeth are extracted to return to our practice for impressions and the creation of your complete denture.

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Partial Dentures

If you’re missing just a few teeth, a partial denture in Worthington, OH may be the perfect solution to fill in these gaps. While this type of denture features the same kind of false teeth as a complete denture, the prosthetic attaches to natural teeth with discreet metal or acrylic clasps. If you’re looking for an affordable denture near you, a partial denture in combination with dental crowns will provide natural-looking aesthetics.

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Implant Supported Dentures

Unlike traditional dentures that stay in place with suction and dental adhesive, implant-supported dentures rely on strategically placed dental implants for greater support and stability for the prosthesis. They can be designed as removable snap-in dentures or fixed hybrid dentures. Either way, implant-supported dentures more closely mimic natural teeth in terms of function, comfort, and appearance. Fixed and removable implant-supported dentures won’t slip or fall out, restore 60% of normal function, preserve existing bone, and stimulate new bone growth.

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Customized Dentures to Fit Your Smile Needs

At Spectrum Dental and Prosthodontics, we offer customized dentures that are high quality, attractive and durable. The first step is to take a series of digital impressions of your jaw ridge and oral tissues. We’ll also determine if you need preparatory treatments such as tooth extraction, bone grafting, or gum disease therapy to establish proper oral health and a strong foundation for your new teeth. Your new dentures are handcrafted at our on-site denture lab, which provides outstanding quality control and convenience. During this process, you may need to schedule a short appointment for a wax try-in to verify the proper fit. Once this highly customized process is complete, you’ll return for a final fitting and walk out with a completely renewed and beautiful new smile! Although it may take a few weeks to adjust to wearing your new dentures, you’ll soon enjoy their many benefits.

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The Noticeable Benefits of Dentures

Dentures have a learning curve as you adjust to wearing your new teeth, but you’ll become used to them in just a few weeks. You’ll then experience the benefits of our modern dentures, including:

  • Restored smile with natural esthetics
  • Improved function to bite and chew food
  • Comfort from custom-made solution
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Better support for facial muscles
  • Improved speech and enunciation

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